March 14, 2016 10:17 am

By, Benjy Cook

Every financial institution needs platform software to assist with their daily operations in order to save time and create an efficient environment as they perform everyday tasks to serve their customers. Software has greatly reduced the amount of time needed to make loans, open new accounts, review credit documentation and so on. In addition, software makes bankers more efficient, reducing overhead that goes straight to the bottom line of their financial success.

The management team here at American Bank Systems has almost 100 years of banking experience working for financial institutions. This expertise is transferred to our software systems; each system has this foundation and incorporates proven banking and regulatory procedures in the design.

Customer care is vital in all software development companies. We promote 24/7 customer care with a designated cell phone number dedicated to supporting clients at any time, day or night. This “ABS Cares” mantra is exhibited by each one of our customer care team members.

When you are ready to invest in a loan and deposit origination system or a document management system with imaging for loans, deposits, AP or HR or a system to automate your compliance auditing, please give ABS a call at (405) 607-7000. We’re here for you.