July 24, 2015 10:36 am

Every year we get excited about attending this event. Although we were not able to attend most of the sessions, we were able to meet with several conference attendees, catching up with old friends and many new faces.

We caught up on what we missed and wanted to fill you in on the best ABA Compliance Conference highlights we found on Twitter:

What a perfect way to start the conference:

Cara James








Here’s a little recap:

ABA National Regulatory Compliance Conference


ABA Conference Nuggets















The food that the conference offered was great and we really enjoyed the luncheon!

Conference luncheon and food









The ABA celebrates 140 years:

Aba Celebrating 140 year anniversary









ABS loved seeing all the new faces at the ABA Regulatory Compliance Conference this year:

Dave Walls American Bank Systems









Interview: Tom Ryan Executive Vice President of Marketing and Business Alliances at ABS on his Conference Takeaway’s:

Tom Ryan American Bank Systems









What were your three biggest takeaways from the ABA Regulatory Compliance Conference in Washington, D.C.?                                        

The traffic at the ABS’ booth increases every year we have gone to the conference.  With the complex regulations that have been rolling out in the banking industry, more and more banks are interested in a compliance monitoring system.

We were impressed by the number of new prospects and returning prospects we visited with at the conference.

How do you see what you learned from the conference affecting the next year in the banking industry?                                                       

There will be considerable emphasis placed on TRID and cyber security in the banks.

What was the highlight of the conference for you?                                                                                        

Visiting with customers, and coming face to face with prospects we have met over the phone.

What was your favorite restaurant you visited while in town?                                                                                                                                                 

HNJ Crawfish.   The food was excellent and worth the wait.

Anything you would like to tell the ABA about the importance of the conference?                                                                                                         

As an exhibitor, the ABA Regulatory Compliance Conference is very important to American Bank Systems because we make a lot of contacts with bankers and fellow exhibitors.  Because of the significant investment in both time and money to attend the conference, we appreciate the efficiency in which the conference is run.   The booths are open an ample amount of time for all the vendors to visit with the bankers about their systems.

We will see you next Year at the ABA Regulatory Compliance Conference:

next years ABA Conference


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As much as we loved attending the ABA Compliance Conference this year, we also love working everyday with our customers. Check out our new website and call us with any bank compliance questions you may have.

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