June 4, 2015 5:08 pm



American Bank Systems will be present at the 29th annual ABA Regulatory Compliance Conference held from June 14-17 in Washington D.C. We are proud to send members of our team to this four day conference annually and this year, we are excited by the prospects of meeting new faces, hearing the key note speakers and seeing our friends. Come see us at booth #419.

This conference is a deep dive into consumer banking regulatory issues in consumer protection, lending compliance, compliance risk management, e-compliance and anti-money laundering.

Some of the hot topics that speakers at the conference will be covering are:

Connecting the Payments Dots: How Regulations Intersect in the Payments Sphere; Beyond the Law: Identifying and Articulating Compliance Expectations of Regulators Today; RESPA/TILA Rule Implementation: Countdown to August 1; Threat Finance: New Ways to Detect Threats to Our Financial System; and Privacy 2.0: When Privacy and Information Security Collide.

Sessions will also cover a wide range of concerns such as compliance governance, testing of monitoring and controls, qualified mortgages, complaint management, and military lending.

This is a big year for changes. We have the Volcker Rule going into effect on July 21st and the CFPB getting ready to enforce the August 1 TILA-RESPA Integrated Disclosures (TRID) rules.

Stay tuned and follow us on Twitter. We will be sharing what we learn from conference attendees on various “take-a-ways” from the sessions to help banks all over press through the upcoming transitions.Given the nature of the ever changing regulation world in banking, we are glad to be able to offer solutions like CompliancePro to help you mitigate your bank’s risk factors.