August 26, 2021 9:29 am

American Bank Systems partners with ProAG Bankware Technologies to bring community banks a wide range of loan origination and management software solutions combined with integrated and customizable credit facilitation solutions.

By James Bruce, President & CEO of ABS, and Raymond Garren, Founder and CEO of ProAG Bankware Technologies.

American Bank Systems (ABS) and ProAG Bankware Technologies (ProAG) announce their strategic alliance to bring the power of ABS’ CoPilot Loan Origination software and ProAG’s fully integrated and customizable credit facilitation solutions to community banks.

We are excited about our strategic alliance with ProAG,” says James Bruce, CEO of ABS, “not just because of our companies’ software solutions but because of the alignment in corporate values as family-owned, customer-focused businesses.”


About American Bank Systems

ABS offers three signature and integrated software solutions specifically developed for financial institutions: FastApp Online, CoPilot Loans and Deposits Origination Software; and documenting loan and deposit transactions; and BankManager® Elite for managing loan and deposit relationships through exception tracking and document imaging, with optional Account Payable, Human Resources, and Trust modules. ABS also offers its CompliancePro® software for risk management and compliance with federal banking regulations. ABS is privately-owned and celebrating its 51st year in business. For more information about ABS’ banking and compliance software solutions, visit


About ProAG Bankware Technologies

ProAG Bankware Technologies is an innovative provider of fully integrated and customizable credit facilitation solutions for financial institutions. Our flexible lending platforms, AnyCore Ag, AnyCore Commercial and AnyCore Consumer are a cloud based, software-as-a-service (SaaS) delivery model that is easy to implement in a range of settings and institutions. At ProAG, we are Software Architects specializing in: “People, Process and Technology”

To develop our AnyCore Lending Suite we leveraged more than four decades of lending and risk management expertise to build a state-of-the-art product that incorporates ease of use for the farmer or small business and a seamless lending tool for the bank. AnyCore is a common loan origination solution built with the latest technology to help financial institutions address regulatory and competitive pressures while delivering the very best digital consumer experience available in the marketplace today. To learn more about the ProAg lending solutions, visit


Contact Sherry Brickell at ABS (405.607.000) or Josh Eggley at ProAg Bank (402.215.5329) to learn more about our integrated solutions.