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CompliancePro® is the compliance management software that positions you to optimize your performance while minimizing your expenditures of both time and money. It is always up-to-date on frequently changing regulations and eases the burden of meeting bank regulatory compliance requirements.

 User-friendly: Navigation is logical and simple providing an organized and systematic approach to risk assessment and compliance monitoring.
 Risk-focused: Always current and offers concise instruction for compliance monitoring along with the pertinent regulatory citations
 Maintained by compliance experts: As regulations change, CompliancePro is updated to provide accurate monitoring procedures for your institution.
 Supported by pros:  Supported 24/7 by our in-house tech support
 Makes reporting simple: CompliancePro generates reports for board, staff or examiners.
Easy access: The bank software is browser-based, and authorized staff may access CompliancePro from different workstations and different branches.
Flexible: You can customize the system to focus on functions applicable to your specific needs.

Image of a business woman with newspaperYour Roadmap to Bank Regulatory Compliance

CompliancePro has an efficient risk management module that enables financial institutions to assess compliance risk and monitor and address compliance performance.

It utilizes an extensive database of compliance, risk assessment, monitoring procedures and reviews that include regulatory examination procedures.

As fully automated browser-based compliance management software, CompliancePro enables you to assess the inherent risk in your products and services, as well as mitigating controls to lower that risk. It then links the residual risk to monitoring procedures designed to manage compliance performance.

The CompliancePro Suite features

Eliminate the need to develop and maintain monitoring procedures and reviews.
 Offers assignments by business line or filter by regulation.
 Addresses federal regulations with easy-to-use navigation.
 A comprehensive compliance calendar to schedule and track compliance monitoring activities.
 Alerts are generated from previous audits and reviews.
 Ability to record and track plans for corrective action.
 Ability to send system notices regarding workbook assignments, issue responsibility and other activity to designated recipients.

Features above are included in all versions.

 CompliancePro Exact:

  Grants access to a single Bank Compliance library.
 Ideal for small community banks.


  Adds Information Technology
  Optional access to Safety and Soundness and/or Trust Compliance Libraries
  Introduces the user to Basic Risk Management via Issue Risk as well as Department Issue and Regulation Issue Risk Profiles
  Document supporting work papers as scanned images (.pdf, .doc, .docx, .xls, .xlsx, .jpg, .bmp, .csv) via the attachment function
  A “Policy” storage module that allows access to any stored document as well as distribution capability and renewal reminders when documents expire.

Workbook Snapshot can output information for your exam including all attachments, and can be uploaded to the examiners.

Ideal for small and mid-size community banks.

 CompliancePro Elite – Enhanced Risk Management:

 A Compliance Risk Management module to track each line of business’ inherent risk and overall residual risk after mitigating internal controls are applied.
 Set compliance monitoring category risk scores and found issues based on the institution’s risk assessment.
 Compliance Risk tracking reports
 Build and printout a compliance risk dashboard for keeping upper management abreast of compliance risk hot spots.