The Electronic Workstation for the Banking Industry

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BankManager® is banking software that streamlines the entire loan supervision process and provides state-of-the-art document tracking and loan management.

With the click of a mouse, the BankManager software sets up new loan/deposit customer files, links those customers with related customer files, establishes the collateral tracking requirements and files the documents in e-folders specifically designed for banks. No manual setup or data entry required. BankManager does it for you — in one efficient and seamless system.

 Efficient: The integrated loan and credit information systems allow loan officers to quickly find and view the document that is needed when it is needed. It is easy to navigate in-between accounts and understand relationships between accounts.
 Proactive: Users are alerted to action items such as outstanding loan documents.
 Reports have never been easier: BankManager generates accurate, detailed reports, laser-targeted to the recipient’s needs.
 Seamless integration: Seamless integration with host systems to provide comprehensive document tracking, centralized credit function and instant document access from any authorized desktop.

What are BankManager Elite’s primary features?

 BankManager – a comprehensive workstation for lenders and customer service representatives that makes necessary information accessible to all authorized users
 Imaged documents – eliminates the need for filing cabinets by maintaining documents electronically and retrieving them with the click of a button
 Seamless platform operation – sets up customer files, collateral tracking and supporting electronic records in one location
 Collateral/Exception tracking – transfers customer loan and deposit information, data on loan collateral and electronic images to a single file making it easier to track inconsistencies
 Search function – cuts time searching for records by listing clients on a drop down menu and accessing files with the touch of a mouse.
 Exception reporting – comes with a flexible reporting function that creates client-ready letters and notices
 Examination preparation – creates a snapshot of client information that can be exported to external media for off-site examiner reviews
 Management reports – generates easy-to-understand loan collateral and policy reports for senior management and board of directors
 E-mail documents – simplifies customer service by creating loan and deposit documents that can be e-mailed directly from the BankManager program

BankManager Exact – Document Tracking

Offers all these advantages without the imaging function. BankManager Exact – Document Tracking is ideal for banks that are only interested in a comprehensive exception tracking system.

Optional Modules

May be used with or without the BankManager bank management software
 Accounts Payable — an electronic file for all accounts payable documents that must be processed by the accounting department. Smart workflow technology sends the right documents to different departments for approval.

 Human Resources — stores all paperwork needed to document employees. The system incorporates a tracking module that alerts HR to important dates or when documents are needed.

 Trust Module — an electronic filing system designed specifically for trust departments. The module stores customer information and images but is completely separate from the main loan and deposit image system for privacy reasons.

Find out why American Bank Systems’ BankManager Software is an industry leader in automated customer account and bank management software.