How may I change a customer number?
Select the customer number you wish to change. Right click on the label (the actual words) ‘Customer Number’. A dialog box will display asking you if you really want to change the customer number. Click Yes and another dialog box with a field to change the customer number will appear.

How do I rebuild exceptions?
Exceptions are automatically rebuilt after a download from your host system. To rebuild them manually, right click on an area about 1/4 inch in diagonally from the lower left hand corner of the screen.

How do I move a loan that is linked to one customer to another customer?
Click on the ‘Link’ button (the single person icon) in the lower right corner of the loan area. You will be prompted to enter a new customer number to link the loan to.

Can I move collateral from one customer to another?
Pull up the collateral you wish to move. Click on the Move button. You will be prompted to enter the correct customer number for the new customer you would like the collateral linked to.