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Not every loan needs an expensive legal review. CoPilot does it for you by providing the documents and processes designed to ensure compliance. No tedious set up required. Backed up with 24/7 expert customer care.

CoPilot Loan Origination Software

CoPilot Loans is a sophisticated loan origination software that helps banks save money and time.  Not every loan needs an expensive legal review. CoPilot Loans does it for you, providing you with documents and processes that are designed to ensure compliance.

 A loan origination system flexible enough to handle complex commercial loans, yet simple enough to process car loans quickly.

 Loan documents are concise and compliant – always ready to use when you need them.

 Provides necessary regulatory compliance for consumer real estate loans.

 Interfaces with all major credit bureaus, NADA and host systems.

CoPilot Deposit Origination Software

CoPilot Deposits is a sophisticated deposit origination software.  It improves efficiency, accuracy and compliance.

 A deposit system that can create retail and commercial, savings, CD, HSA, and retirement accounts with ease

 Credit bureau interfaces for consumer and commercial customers

 Interfaces with all major host systems

 Perform customer identification at account opening