May 10, 2016 1:26 pm

By, Benjy Cook

A community bank’s human resources (HR) department is usually handled by someone in the bank operations area who may not always be educated on the exact HR documents required for employees. Given the myriad of responsibilities they handle, maintaining employee files can be over-burdensome.

Need a better system? BankManager HR is an electronic file system specifically designed for the human resources department that streamlines this important function, automatically providing knowledge needed for required HR documents. BankManager HR allows the bank to create an employee file with required documentation for new employees and alerts the HR officer when future documentation is needed. There are three separate files, one with employee information, one with medical information and one with I-9 information. All images are PDF files stored inside the database for maximum security.

The employee web portal file feature of BankManager HR allows each employee to view their employee file online while also giving them the ability to complete and submit required documents for their file such as vacation requests, absence reports, beneficiary designations, etc.   BankManager HR also has a supervisor approval capacity that allows supervisors to approve documents before they are submitted to the HR department. Completed forms are automatically archived in the employee’s file – eliminating the additional time spent manually filing these documents!

To find out more about BankManager HR and how this system can benefit your bank, please call our office at 405-607-7000 and ask for Tom Ryan or contact your ABS sales representative.