Quail Creek Bank

As former bankers, we remember what it was like to keep track of the hard file system. An easier tracking system is one of the reasons American Bank Systems created BankManager®.

Carole Johnson, Credit Officer at Quail Creek Bank agrees: “After transitioning from paper to electronic files we can’t imagine going back to holding physical folders. “

Quail Creek Bank has been open for forty years and has a total of eighty employees. Carole has been with the bank for 14 years and has a team of three in her department.

Every day, Carole and her team review loans for accuracy and rates/maintains all the filings of any UCC and all documents for good loan supervising. She is also responsible for building all of the new loans and putting them into BankManager® to track, as well as keeping up with the exception tracking process documents like financial statements, direct mail and insurance information.

The Challenge:

Quail Creek Bank started using BankManager® Exact (exception tracking system) before Johnson started in her position. However, she does remember when the Bank adopted BankManagerâ’s document imaging for their credit files. There was a concern within her department of not being able to keep track of the file because of the absence of a physical file. They were in need of a better organization and tracking system for their files. Problems with the paper file system arose with creating a cohesive organizational plan when more than one person needed to view the file at the same time, and most importantly being able to update and track the file whenever they needed.  All these needs were handled efficiently through BankManager®.

The Decision Process:

Quail Creek Bank knew about American Bank Systems from its long history of serving banks and through a former employee who worked at Liberty Bank with ABS Chairman, Jim Bruce. The key deciding factors in choosing the ABS system was that it should be compatible with their core system and user friendly.

The Solution:

The Bank was using BankManager®’s tracking system when they decided to add the imaging system and make the leap to paperless files. They reached out to American Bank Systems and added imaging as an upgrade to their account in 2004, and within 18 months’ time they were able to transition all of their banking documents.  Johnson said the addition of this system has exceeded her expectations. The transition was easy and the system continues to be simple to use on a daily basis. “I like that I can easily explain the system to a new loan officer and they can feel comfortable to click on anything without hurting it” said Johnson.

The Results:

Quail Creek Bank was able to increase their productivity and simplify their jobs.  Johnson’s most used function in BankManager® is the reports. Each week she is able to send out reports to the loan officers and they can look through any exceptions to stay on top of all regulations/requirements.  Actually, they can easily look at a customer’s loan file online and see the exceptions right there.  “We feel that using BankManager® has given us a competitive advantage by helping us to leverage technology that BankManager® provides to keep us not just current but ahead in the banking industry.”

Proven by the numbers:

“In the 40 years that we have been open I can say that due to using BankManager® I have only had to add one person to my staff in comparison to the loan department, which has hired 12.”

Overall American Bank Systems Experience:

American Bank Systems is a great company and has terrific customer care.  We always get great support from them – it’s one of the benefits of doing business with them.  We have had many companies approach us with their systems but due to the results we have seen we can’t see any reason why we would switch to another. Also, where else can you find a company that will listen to your suggestions for improvement and turn them into reality?”