December 12, 2016 9:28 am

Want to eliminate the need for your filing cabinets? Save time? Obtain more detailed easy-to-understand reporting? Upgrade your current system? Then BankManager Elite is for you!

Still a comprehensive workstation for lenders and customer service representatives as with BankManager® Pro, BankManager Elite features a new and improved reporting engine, faster deployment across multiple desktops and an easy-to-use favorites button for custom customer lists along with other premium features.

With BankManager Elite, documents, loans, accounts and collateral are self-sufficient, with the ability to stand on their own or be indexed to any customer. Collateral is completely user-defined but will come pre-set based on each bank’s policy.

With an improved report design for information organization, BankManager Elite features more detail reporting for user logging and the ability to customize and save report filters for any report per user. Dashboard reports can quickly and efficiently yield instant information pertaining to user history, account details and exception management.

Featuring unlimited custom user permission groups, permissions can be set to show, hide or block any clickable item on any screen. The new imaging engine introduces more features for editing documents, including the ability to drag and drop documents.

Want to see for yourself? Request a BankManager Elite demo today.