January 25, 2016 3:25 pm

By, Cody Roberts

Have you been wondering how your salary compares to others? Have you ever wondered where the salary for your position is going? A few online sources could help you answer these questions.

One of those resources is salary.com. This site allows you to view salaries across the nation for different positions with differences by location, experience, education, etc. Job descriptions for positions are included so that you can review a position that most closely resembles yours. This site also does a good job of separating out banking compliance positions versus other industry compliance positions.

Another resource is glassdoor.com. The information for this site is based on surveys from members. While this site requires a free sign-up to get the most information, it is a good basic salary site.

To help you know where your salary will likely go in 2016, be sure to check out the Robert Half 2016 Salary Guide – Accounting & Finance. The section of this report on financial services includes a subsection on risk and compliance. This report also includes a salary variance table to modify the salaries based on various U.S. locales.

You can find this report at:


Here’s to a more lucrative 2016!