American Bank Systems offers a broad range of banking consultation and compliance services

Take advantage of five decades of experience in the financial industry. Our experts provide specialized compliance services for current and upcoming regulatory requirements. Let us help you meet the regulatory burdens with confidence.

Our consultants understand all compliance issues that permeate the banking industry. We are dedicated to keeping current and providing the support you are accustomed to.

Services include:

 Compliance Auditing
 BSA Audits
 Information Technology Consulting
 Security Consulting
 Management and Personnel Studies
 Directors’ Retreats
 Loan Review
 Acquisition Due Diligence
Asset/Liability Management
 Marketing/Public Relations
 Strategic Planning

Any of our services are available bundled or as a stand-alone service.

Contact us today to discuss which combination of American Bank Systems consulting services is the best fit your institution’s needs.

Compliance Consulting, Monitoring and Internal Audit –  Our consultants can assist with compliance, internal audit needs or completely outsource the compliance function of the bank.

Bank Valuations – We help clients with valuations of ESOP stock, estate and stock planning, and acquisition valuation analysis.

Loan Review – Our loan review services are conducted through our affiliate, JW Bruce & Associates. Loan review activities are tailored to the needs of the client- from biannual or quarterly examinations, to monthly services when our loan review associates act as the client’s loan review function.

IT Consulting and Audit – Using our award winning CompliancePro® software, we complete a majority of the audit off-site. The disruption to your team and operations is kept to a minimum — as little as one day of on-site work. Completing the annual IT Audit shows examiners you are meeting IT regulatory requirements.

Access to services provided through ABS-endorsed Professionals

Contact us if you would like more information about the following bank consulting services and systems:

Standards I.T.

Standards IT is an Oklahoma based technology firm that specializes in aligning technology solutions and your data, offering complete managed IT and professional services.

Marketing and Public Relations

ABS enjoys a strategic alliance with Jones Public Relations Group of Oklahoma City. Clients may access important product and public relations consulting services provided by Jones Public Relations Group.


Vendor Evaluation/Selection Services – When money is tight and your staff is stretched thin, the process of selecting vendors can be cumbersome. It requires expertise and can take a substantial amount of time researching suitable vendors in the market that meet your business needs. That’s where we come in.

Contract Negotiation – It’s all about contracting for the right services at the best price! Our BankSmart team can help you find appropriate products and services at the most competitive pricing. Our industry knowledge, comprehensive pricing analysis, and contract negotiation skills will save you time and money.


Our innovative SmartKitsSM includes clearly defined project plans, timelines, team member and vendor responsibilities, as well as functional activities required to complete your project. The “best practices” content of each SmartKitSM are flexible and customizable, allowing you to add or delete action items to best suit your institution’s needs.

Bank & Branch Acquisition SmartKitSM – Any banker will tell you that successfully managing due diligence and acquisition processes is not easy. Bank & Branch Acquisition SmartKits help you complete the entire process much faster and more smoothly. Make a good first impression on new customers while keeping your current customers happy with your bank.

Failed Bank Assumption SmartKitSM – Being the winning bidder for a failed institution can be a fast and lucrative way to enhance your franchise. Our SmartKitSM can help you pull off the challenge successfully!

Branch Opening SmartKitSMOpening branches require realistic timelines, precise detail management and effective communication in order to make expansion projects as seamless as possible. Our affordable, easy to use, web-based Branch Opening SmartKit is specifically designed to function as a comprehensive project management and document collaboration tool.

Conversion SmartKitSM – Whether in-house or outsourced, BankSmart has a clear understanding of what it takes to successfully manage a data processing conversion. Our web-based SmartKit is both user-friendly and affordable.

De Novo SmartKitSM – We have a clear understanding of what it takes to successfully manage a de novo opening. We have translated that knowledge into an innovative, web-based SmartKit that is both user-friendly and affordable.