April 3, 2017 8:00 am

By Benjy Cook, President

            Electronic signatures are more widely accepted today especially in consumer and real estate transactions. Borrowers become annoyed when they are asked to sign multiple times to obtain a loan. American Bank Systems’ document management system BankManager Elite has been importing electronic documents that are signed electronically for many years.

With Docs Direct, the document workflow is very easy to utilize and understand. The loan or new account is created in the platform system and exported via an XML file that is processed by Elite. The file contains the CIF information along with the loan or account data and documents. During processing, new customers are automatically added, and the new loan/account information is added to the customer record for both new and existing customers. The documents are automatically indexed and ready for review. Document tracking is added and exceptions are created based upon bank policy.

If your bank is interested in reducing errors and improving workflow efficiency in the document filing process, contact an ABS sales representative at the email link below for a demonstration on how Docs Direct works.