April 12, 2015 12:38 pm

By: Cody Roberts, CRCM

Named “the premier event of its kind for compliance professionals, ” this year’s ABA Regulatory Compliance Conference will once again unite bankers, vendors, and regulators in Washington, DC from June 14-17. The event will be part trade-show, showcasing vendors from the bank compliance industry, and part classes, ranging from panel discussions to in-depth single-topic seminars.

Here at ABS, we wholeheartedly believe this conference will benefit you and our industry as a whole. With that being said, here are four main reasons you should attend:

  1. Gain Certified Regulatory Compliance Managers (CRCM) Credits
  2. Visit Vendors
  3. Network with the Industry
  4. Learn in Seminars

1. Gain CRCM credits

For those who are CRCMs, you’re in luck! This conference can easily provide more than 20 credits that in essence, means you can annually get 1/3 of your three-year continuing education requirements completed in four days.

2. Visit Vendors

You will have the opportunity to check out products and services to assist with your compliance struggles, from vendors ranging from consultants from the largest accounting firms to regional consulting companies to software organizations.  Among the sea of vendors will be American Bank Systems—come by and see our booth!

3.Network with the Industry

This is one of the best places to network with various members on the compliance side of the banking industry.  Attendees will include industry peers, banks of all sizes, regulatory representatives ranging from FinCEN to the CFPB to the OCC, along with an extensive list of vendors and consultants.  The conference provides a great platform to speak to these individuals in an informal setting to answer questions and receive advice from the experts themselves.

4. Learn in Seminars

Perhaps the most important reason to attend this conference is to learn.  The program covers a wide variety of topics such as regulation updates, latest exam concerns and third party risk.  We guarantee you will find many meaningful sessions every day!

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