August 22, 2016 8:50 am

By Cindy Wilhelm


We’ve all heard the saying, “Knowledge is power.” However, the very mention of the word “training” in the workplace is often met with the sound of heavy sighs, a good deal of eye-rolling, and the whispers of “I don’t have time; I have too much work to do; I already know how to do my job.”  So what are the benefits of training, especially within the industry of banking?  The fact is, that in the highly regulated banking industry, training is not only beneficial, it is imperative.  Training is necessary to create consistency, prevent complacency and ensure legal compliance.

Training is important because it sets up the employee to be successful by adequately preparing them for the job. Training will establish clear processes and procedures to create consistency. This consistency leads to enhanced productivity and proficiency, fewer errors and improved employee satisfaction and relations.

Preventing complacency by staying current and knowledgeable of the latest technology and trends helps keep banks competitive within the industry. Inevitably new trends and technology will require adequate training.

Legal compliance and risk management are the very core of the banking industry. So it should be no surprise that extensive training would be required.

American Bank Systems, Inc., has an entire team dedicated to provide thorough and comprehensive training for our customers for every system we offer, but we don’t stop there! American Bank Systems, Inc., also provides exceptional LIVE support 24/7!

To inquire how the systems and services we provide to the banking industry will help your employees work smarter not harder and give your bank a competitive edge in today’s marketplace, please visit or contact ABS at 405-607-7000.