July 8, 2016 11:57 am

By Benjy Cook

American Bank Systems has been in the Loan and Deposit Automation business for about 30 years. We have been on the forefront of development with functionalities such as printing forms on laser printers, utilizing signature pads to sign documents and sending documents to imaging systems without scanning. ABS is entering into a new phase of loan and deposit automation utilizing the CoPilot system.

CoPilot is a mature system with customers in Georgia, Alabama, Mississippi, South Carolina, Florida, Arkansas, Texas, Virginia, New York, Pennsylvania and California. CoPilot is a server based system utilizing a SQL database. The system has an automated updating procedure that sends updates to the customer’s server that are then automatically distributed to all the workstations.

CoPilot is easy to use and very intuitive with system defined and bank defined help on all data entry fields. Copilot’s calculation routine is able to produce any repayment structure utilizing any fees or prepaids plus allows for standard values based on loan templates.

If your bank is experiencing dissatisfaction with your current system and would like to take advantage of ABS’ customer care and proven lending and deposit documentation solutions, please give us a call to schedule a demonstration.