Control Risks With ABS Compliance & Operational Risk Management Tools

Risk management in banking is a critical differentiator that drives institutional performance and better examination outcomes. Give your financial institution the competitive edge with American Bank Systems compliance and credit risk management systems, allowing you to grow while keeping the regulators at bay.

For financial institutions operating in an increasingly regulated environment, risk management plays a vital role.

 Risk management, focused on regulatory compliance, keeps banks out of trouble and builds customer trust.

 Bank risk management also plays an active role in helping banks achieve growth goals.

Simply put, financial institutions cannot achieve these objectives without the right risk management structures in place. American Bank Systems’ CompliancePro® automates many steps crucial to staying compliant, so your institution can focus on customer care and your central business objectives. BankManager® helps you control lending risk through its sophisticated tracking functionality, and proven workflow structure.

Keeping the Regulators at Bay

Banks must become proactive at the highest organizational levels in addressing compliance risk management, and American Bank Systems provides highly effective tools to achieve high-level of compliance within your organization.

While compliance in actual transactions (“micro-compliance”) remains important, bank boards and senior officers must think more on a “macro” level – the focus now must be on overall compliance from a systematic/process viewpoint. Spend the time documenting your compliance management efforts and you’ll see less regulator scrutiny of individual loan/deposit files.

Contact us to learn how your bank can achieve these compliance levels with our signature bank risk management software and banking systems including CompliancePro® software, and schedule your free demonstration today.