August 12, 2022 2:09 pm

SIGNiX Announces Partnership with American Bank Systems to Provide Secure Digital Signatures and Remote Online Notarizations for the Banking Industry

SIGNiX, a powerfully productive digital signature and Remote Online Notarization (“RON”) technology company based in Chattanooga, Tennessee, has developed a new partnership with American Bank Systems, the leading provider of bank and compliance systems in the highly regulated financial services industry. Customers of American Bank Systems will benefit from a streamlined digital signing process and a completely electronic RON experience that is secure, fast, and convenient.

By partnering with SIGNiX, American Bank Systems will make it easier for their customers to sign documents online using SIGNiX’s patented digital signature technology and perform remote online notarizations anywhere, anytime using audio and video technology. SIGNiX’s RON platform, eNotaryDoX, saves notaries valuable time and money while providing a secure environment for notarial acts with embedded legal evidence in each signature of the digitally signed document.

According to Jay Bruce, President and CEO of ABS, “This partnership with SIGNiX is an ideal opportunity for us to better serve our clients while continuing to provide the trusted bank software and support for which we are widely recognized.”

Key Benefits of SIGNiX and American Bank Systems Partnership

  • No paper documents
  • Superior fraud protection
  • Notarize documents anywhere, anytime
  • Embedded legal evidence in every digital signature

With the combination of SIGNiX’s solutions together with banking software from ABS, their clients will be able to securely sign documents online and perform notarial acts more efficiently and confidently while remaining compliant with financial industry regulations.

“SIGNiX seamlessly integrates its technology with industry leading software providers who need to securely execute important financial transactions, and ABS is a perfect match for us,” stated SIGNiX CEO, Jay Jumper.

About American Bank Systems

AMERICAN BANK SYSTEMS offers integrated software solutions and services specifically developed for the banking industry. Our solutions include COPILOT Loans and Deposits Origination Software | BANKMANAGER® Document Imaging and Management, Exception and Collateral Tracking, with optional Workflow Approval Processes, Accounts Payable, and Human Resources modules | FastApp Online | COMPLIANCEPRO® Federal Regulatory Compliance Software and Monitoring/Testing Procedures. ABS provides high-touch, 24/7 software Customer Care. We are privately-owned with over 50 years in business. For more information about ABS and our software solutions, visit

About SIGNiX

SIGNiX provides digital signature and remote online notarization technology to users in highly regulated industries. Our cloud-based platform protects critical documents and contracts from tampering. Since all the necessary legal evidence is contained within the digitally signed document, SIGNiX clients can store their documents on their servers and not rely on a vendor to provide future evidence and validation. SIGNiX’s technology ensures document enforceability and independent verification by giving users complete ownership and control of their digitally signed documents.