January 22, 2018 9:49 am

By Gary Reed, Vice President – Customer Care Services

Every day we have customers contact us for issues, questions, or to request enhancements for the different systems we support. Our clients can reach out to us via telephone or by e-mail. Additionally, our Co-Pilot clients can use our Ticket Tracker system.

Using Ticket Tracker allows our customers to create tickets for support items or to request enhancements. To begin the process, simply sign into Ticket Tracker, then click on the “CREATE A NEW TICKET” option. After the ticket has been created, you can track the progress of the work for this ticket or any other that has been submitted. You will be notified by e-mail if ABS adds any information to your ticket. Another email will be sent once the work is complete.

Another great tool we are working on for the Ticket Tracker program is the ability to view training videos. From time to time, ABS will add videos that will be beneficial for your bank. Some of these videos will be used for new features being added to CoPilot. Other videos will provide instruction for different parts of CoPilot, such as how to maintain settings within the program’s administration, so you can control the options or update the information in CoPilot. We have created the foundation for this process and soon hope to have videos for you to view.

As we move forward, we will incorporate these features for all of the products we provide.

You can reach out to our Customer Care team at (405)605-7000 or by email at customercare@abs-ok.com