February 16, 2016 5:00 pm

By, Cindy Wilhelm

Several collateral tracking systems within today’s banking industry eliminate the need for keeping up with lengthy spreadsheets and physical files, while at the same time, establish a consistent workflow and provide all important risk management. Some key features for a bank to consider when implementing a tracking system are hassle-free integration, ease of use, efficiency, customization and customer service.

BankManager® Elite is a browser-based system, provides seamless integration with host systems, comprehensive document tracking, centralized credit function and instant document access from any authorized desktop.

BankManager® Elite is a one-stop-shop bank management system, which not only provides state-of-the-art document and collateral exceptions tracking, but also streamlines the entire loan management and supervision process. This is a simple, user-friendly system that does not require extensive computer knowledge to navigate and utilize and provides on-site training for all user levels of bank staff.

This system eliminates the need for searching for customer files and missing documents! Now, customer loan and deposit information, data on loan collateral and document images are transferred to a single electronic file. Electronic document images can be retrieved with the click of a button, and users are alerted to action items required, such as outstanding loan documents. A flexible reporting function creates client-ready letters and notices regarding outstanding documentation. The flexibility of BankManager® Elite allows for the customization of documents and document filing, tracking collateral exceptions and reporting.

Here at ABS, we provide superior customer service from the installation process of BankManager® Elite through the completion of the on-site training – but it doesn’t stop there!   Our Customer Care Team is available 24/7 to provide clients with any additional assistance and support needed.

To find out more about BankManager® Elite, please visit https://www.americanbanksystems.com/banking-systems/bankmanager-elite/ or contact ABS at 405-607-7000 – we’re here for you.